Hume SoCal

Summer Camp 2024 is a youth event that takes place June 23-29 (middle school) and July 7-13 (high school) at Hume SoCal in Green Valley Lake, CA. Transportation will be provided.  **UPDATE 4/1/24: SPACES ARE SOLD OUT; YOU MAY REGISTER TO BE ON THE WAITING LIST ($150 DEPOSIT REQUIRED).**

The cost is $800 per student. After submitting the registration form below, you will be prompted to pay a required $150 deposit using our secure platform. You may also pay by cash or check in-person at the office. We will be having two fundraising events; Spaghetti Dinner on April 19 & Rummage Sale on May 24-25; the proceeds of which will help lower the total cost per student!  

For more info, contact Youth Pastor Reece Guiton at or Nicole Iskades at







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