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This week at Community Church 1/8/20

Dear Community Church,

     Thanks to all of you faithful helpers that came out to take down Christmas this morning. What a joy to have so many people to jump in and help. It was done in 55 minutes! This Sunday we are taking on the second message in our series O/T Shuffle. Our passage is Judges 6 & 7. Gideon is the person that we are going to look at and learn about. Read this passage during the week and come and see if you agree with my conclusions.

Community Church -Wednesday Night

     Our Wednesday Night Program starts back up on this week. We start with dinner in the Historic Chapel at 6 pm and then we go to our various studies and groups. There is something for everybody, and there is something for you, so come!

Dennis and the Alliance Team in Kurdistan

     I got word from our global partner, Dennis, that the Alliance team in Northern Iraq is going to stay in place. They have decided that things are sufficiently safe for them in their city to continue with their program, but Dennis and the team there would  continue to appreciate your prayers. So please keep praying for their safety and that many Kurds would come to know and love Jesus!

Membership Class 

     We will be having a New Members Class on Wednesday, January 29th.  Join us for dinner at 6 pm and then join me in my office to get to know more about our church, our denomination, and me!!  

     Finally, we had lots of people come and visit our church throughout the holidays. Good job inviting your friends and family. If you know someone who visited the church, please invite them to return.

Standing Firm,

Pastor Mike


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