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An imPerfect Christmas

Dear Community Church,

The Christmas season is upon us. I want to remind you all that we will not be having church on Sunday December 25th. We will be having two Christmas Eve services on Saturday evening December 24th at 5 pm and 7 pm. Be thinking about friends, neighbors, and relatives you might invite to church this year. Christmas is always an opportunity to get people to try our church that haven’t come yet. People generally appreciate this kind of invitation, so don’t be shy.

Pinterest Night for Women

Pinterest Night is this Friday evening in the Chapel. Tickets available at church.

Samaritan’s Purse – Shoeboxes

People are asking how many shoeboxes we sent. The total number was 200. Good job!

All-Church Christmas Party

The All-Church Christmas Party is going to be in the Historic Chapel on Sunday December 18th. We will start at 5 pm with a Christmas play by our children. Dinner will follow with the church providing all the ham and turkey. We are going to ask you to bring your favorite side dish or dessert. Lots of other fun planned including an ugly sweater contest!

Snowboarders & Skiers for Christ (SFC)

Sunday at 6 pm. Free dinner, free board wax, and fun, every Sunday thru the season.

I’m up and down the hill a lot this week, so that’s it for now!

Standing Firm,



Waiting for Christmas

Dear Community Church,

I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. The town was full of people and our house was full of guests. It was a great time! I hope you had a warm time with people that you love! I want to say a word about Saturday evening/Sunday morning snow storms. Please make a careful evaluation of the your own safety before you venture out to church on Sunday morning, when there is fresh snow on the ground. We will miss you if you don’t come, but we want you to be safe so you can come the following week! I am happy to say that we have grown as a church and even though our attendance was down significantly, because of the storm, our November giving is very good! I also want to specially thank the growing number of people that have decided to schedule their regular giving online. That really helps the church during the winter months! Thank you!
This week we are starting our series of Christmas messages. You will notice that we are in full Christmas mode when you come in the Worship Center this Sunday. Thanks to the many devoted and talented volunteers that helped put up all the beautiful decorations yesterday!

Invite-a-Friend Sunday

This Sunday, December 4th, is Invite-a-Friend Sunday. We will have free breakfast available for everybody in the Chapel at 9:30. Bring a friend and let them feel the love! Our Wellness Ministry will also be doing blood pressure screenings in the Chapel.

Community Church – Wednesday Night

This Wednesday, November 30, will be the last Wednesday Night meeting until after New Years. Come enjoy the food and the fellowship tomorrow at 6 pm in the Chapel!

Pinterest Night

This Friday December 9th at 6 pm is the Women’s (LIFT) Pinterest Night. The cost is $10 and tickets are available in the office. All proceeds are going to Sole Hope, a ministry to provide shoes to the poor in Uganda. You will need to bring a pair of old jeans, a pair of good scissors, 2 dozen cookies for the cookie exchange, and the recipe to share. Don’t miss it!

Snowboarders & Skiers for Christ (SFC)

Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ are hosting a free dinner and hang time in the Mary Johnson Center every Sunday evening at 6 pm throughout the season. Please tell any “shredders” you might know to come on down!

Saturday Morning Men’s Study and Adult Sunday School

Both of these programs are up and running at their regulars times again this weekend.
Standing Firm,
Pastor Mike




Dear Community Church,
I’m sure you would all agree that it was great to have Neal Benson back with us in Big Bear. If you missed church this weekend you might want to CLICK HERE to catch his message. It was that good!
Of course, this is Thanksgiving week. I will be sharing a message titled, “Grateful”. Check out Luke 17:11-19 for the text. We are also going to be sharing communion this weekend, because the meaning of this sacrament is so closely tied to the idea of thankfulness. If you have something that you are particularly thankful for this Thanksgiving, please send me an email and share, I might share some of these on Sunday.
Thanksgiving is a time when we sit around the table with people that we don’t necessarily see all that often. If your family is like mine, some of them are serving the Lord wholeheartedly and some are not. I also encourage those that follow Jesus to ask him for some special grace and ability to demonstrate real love, to be peacemakers, in situations where there is a need for more peace, to have a word of hope for those that are down. Ask God for discernment and follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Be gentle and respectful and remember where your hope comes from! Holidays like Thanksgiving are an opportunity to make a difference in a way that doesn’t happen everyday.
Christmas Decorations – Monday November 28th
Next Monday, November 28th is “Christmas Decoration Day”. We will meet in the Worship Center at 10 am. We need lots of helpers! It will be fun!
Snowboarder and Skiers for Christ (SFC)
SFC is going to be hosting free dinners and wax nights in the Mary Johnson Center at 6 pm on Sunday nights. The first one is this Sunday November 27th. If you meet any hungry shredders, send them on down!
Pinterest Night 2016
Our Women’s Ministry (LIFT) is hosting their first annual Pinterest Night on December 9th. There will be a variety of live demonstrations and ideas for the Holidays. All of the demos and presentations will be throughout the Historic Chapel. Tickets are $10 (available at church this week). All proceeds are going to “Sole Hope”, a ministry that provides shoes for children in Uganda. There is a really cool “hands on” aspect to this also. Fun!
FYI…Wednesday Night, Adult Sunday School, and Men’s Bacon & Bible will not meet this week.
Gratefully yours,
Pastor Mike



No Ordinary Man – Neal Benson

Community Church Family,

This coming Sunday, Big Bear’s own Neal Benson is coming to share a message with us. Neal grew up in Big Bear and began his journey with Christ here. He has had much success in ministry since leaving here as a young man. We are excited to have him share with us this week. Neal will be preaching from Mark 5:21-42. Read this passage during the week and be more prepared to hear from God on Sunday.
Get ‘Er Done Day – Parking Lot Edition
If you were in church last weekend you heard me announce that we have an opportunity to save the church $7000 on our parking lot by doing the prep work ourselves. So, this Saturday at 8 am we are going to show up with our leaf blowers and get the cracks in our lot ready to be filled. Bring you leaf blowers. Also bring a pick-axe if you have one, a broom, and safety googles or glasses too. In just a few hours we are going to free up a bunch of money for ministry!
All Church Christmas Party
On Sunday evening December 18th we are going to have an “All-Church Christmas Party”. The church is going to provide turkey and ham. We are going to ask you to bring your favorite holiday sides and desserts. We are going to enjoy a short Christmas play by our kids and have lots of other fun activities, including an ugly Christmas sweater contest and a decorating competition. Mark the date on your calendar. It’s going to be fun!
Scrip Gift Cards
We know that many people buy gift cards as Christmas presents these days. This is a reminder that the church can get many different kinds of  gift cards through our Scrip program. Scrip is an opportunity to provide a portion (2%-7%) of your purchase to the church. This Sunday there will be a complete list of the cards we can get on the Scrip table in the Worship Center. Donnaneeds to have gift card orders by December 12th to ensure that you have them before Christmas.
Love and blessings to you all,
Pastor Mike

This Week at Community Church 11/13

Dear Community Church,
    This week we are quickly shifting gears from 2000 years ago to right now!  One of the things that I hope we all picked up from our 6 month journey through the book of Acts is the underlying ethos that all people are loved by God and the incredible importance behind seeing that all people have a chance to hear and understand what God has done to reach them and save them.
     Almost three years ago, when Pam and I came here, some of you may have thought that our church was too small and isolated to have a role in reaching the nations for Christ. Others were desperate to see our church find its way back into this grand calling of reaching out into the world for the sake of the gospel. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, I assure you that you will be  blessed to hear about the doors that God is opening for us to make a difference for Jesus, both here and all around the world.
Samaritan’s Purse – Wednesday Night
All of our groups are meeting this Wednesday night as usual, starting with dinner at 6 pm. Following dinner we are going to wrap our Samaritan’s Purse gifts together. It should be a fun time as we get these packages together for kids all over the world!
Plans for the Chapel
The Elder Board and I are in agreement that it is time for us to replace the pews in the chapel with chairs. I have attached a full explanation to this weekly email. If you are interested in the details, please CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PLANS.
Saturday Morning Bacon and Bible Men’s Study
The Saturday study continues with bacon, Bible, and great fellowship. Every Saturday at 7 am, right next to the main kitchen.
Adult Sunday School
The Adult Sunday school class meets every week at 8:45 in the Mary Johnson Center. Feel free to visit and try it out. No need to call ahead. Just show up with a Bible and get ready to learn and make friends!
I hope that you are able to make the rest of the services in the month of November. They are each important and have implications for our future. See you at church!
Standing Firm,